& Produktion

Anika -
Never Coming Back
(music video)

4:26 min
Video, 4:3
DE, 2021


"Never Coming Back" from the newly released album "Change" out on Sacred Bones Records / Invada Records.

The sun burns down as Elias is roaming around. He is confidently moving through the landscapes. Daydreaming, killing time and increasingly merging with nature as he is gently embraced by Anika’s voice. Her presence is calm, yet captivating. Every end is linked to a new beginning.
“Never Coming Back’ is a song about those things that are no longer there, that we didn’t see slip away; only upon their complete extinction, did we register the loss and by then, it was too late. Be it our freedoms, our liberties, our protections, our birds, our breaths, our loved ones. It’s a love song about loss,” says Anika.





Konzept, Kamera, Schnitt: Schiefer Film (Nils Anders Schröder, Sophie Gmeiner, Simon Dallaserra)
Musik: Anika
Mit: Elias
Besonderen Dank an Jette und Max
A Reality Baitz Production

Mit Unterstützung der Initiative Musik GmbH, Sacred Bones Records und Invada Records 

Recorded at Klangbild Studios Berlin, Impression Berlin and Reality Baitz Co-produced by Annika Henderson and Martin Thulin Mixed by Martin Thulin Mastered by James Trevascus Annika Henderson - Organ, Perc, Piano, Keys Martin Thulin - Extra Synths, Bass, Perc Caleb Salgado - Bass Arco, Bass Pizz Extra instruments: Thanks to M.J Fiedler and R. Moore