& Produktion

Erinnerungen an Mexiko-Stadt
Memories of Mexico City

16mm / DCP 1:1.33, meU
DE/AUT/MX, 2024


In Mexiko-Stadt mit der Schriftstellerin Lucia Berlin.

Ein autofiktionaler Reisebericht: Beobachtung, Vorstellung, Erinnerung.

Festgehalten auf 16mm Film.


In Mexico City with writer Lucia Berlin.

An autofictional travel diary:  observation, imagination, memory.

Captured on 16mm film.


In April ’23 I travelled to Mexico City to make a film about writer Lucia Berlin.
She lived in the city for a while, taking care of her dying sister. Memories of Lucia Berlin that  later became fiction - a part of
„A Manual for Cleaning Women“.

Observations of the city and it’s people shift to memories and imaginations of a place, accompanied by passages by Lucia Berlin.


Ein Film von Simon Dallaserra